When you train with us (either at our studio or in your home), you receive the most convenient, motivational, effective, and customized personal training experience possible.


  • Location: Train at our studio or in your home
  • Commitments: No long-term contracts or initiation fees
  • Scheduling: Adjust your training to your schedule
  • Kids: Kids can conveniently be nearby while you train from home


  • Team Approach: You are not alone…we are here for ongoing assistance with cardiovascular work, weight training, nutrition, motivation, and more
  • Goals: We help you establish goals from the very beginning and keep you on track
  • Accountability: It’s a 2-way street so we place responsibility on each other
  • Private: You can train in the privacy of your own home


  • Experience: We have over 20 years of training experience combined with collegiate athletics
  • Equipment: Our studio is equipped to train every muscle in multiple ways with top quality equipment in excellent condition
  • Training Principles: All programs use principles of periodization, variation, and core training


  • Tailored: Every program we develop is unique to your needs rather than a “copycat” template
  • Comprehensive: Along with your training sessions, every client receives a detailed initial consultation, a training program, and an option to have an educational session at your grocery store to develop better eating habits